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The Chase Base - Mounting Photopolymer Plates For Letterpress

The 'Chase Base' was designed for experienced letterpress printers and novices alike. The modern letterpress shop often doesn't have the time to work with lead or wood type - it's our roots, perhaps we even wish we were still there and when we get the time we still get the composing stick out and set type. But for commercial work more often than not it's polymer plates we look to these days and quick make-ready.

That's the purpose of the Chase Base, a development on the popular systems in the US the Lyme Bay Press 'Chase Base' is a high contrast base with a registration grid. Simply place the polymer plates on the grid with mounting tape and move on to quick make-ready and print.

We have two base depths, a standard base for .95 plates and a deep relief base for use with 1.52 plates and deep letterpress.

This site exists as an appendix to our main site which is service oriented. This site contains a blog which will publish updates about product development and new products we're working on. One of those future products is a new gauge pin similar to the Kort gauge pin for which we hope to set up a manufacture chain. We're also thinking about a new type of lay equipment for easier paper feed into platens.

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