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Our Mission

We've been a working press for many years then we founded Lyme Bay Press to meet a clear need within the letterpress community in the UK. The make-ready system freely available in the States was not available here, many were asking for it, many who for one reason or another wanted to work with polymer plates. There are two main parts to this system - a base to mount plates on which brings plates to 'type high' (a solid base not wood which changes shape through the press run, something reliable) and the plates and in particular the KF152 a plate which allows a deeper impression and so popular in the contemporary form of letterpress.

There were two main difficulties, first the base wasn't available and shipping from the US made this an expensive process. Second and more problematic the plates were not being distributed in the UK or Europe. The first issue was easier to deal with and frankly we'd have done this a lot earlier - in our work as a letterpress shop we found the need for it and bought a base from the US. We thought years ago about making a base as there were some developments we'd like to make but what was the point when we couldn't get the plates. Shipping them from abroad simply made using the plates unviable.

This led to the second and lasting problem of getting the plates and we shelved the base project for several years. Then we decided, this was ridiculous and approached the manufacturer to arrange a supply. It wasn't easy and we had to convince them of the need and the likely popularity of the plate (which they'd stopped distributing here sometime after the fifties). Once we managed to set the supply up it was full steam ahead with the project.

We use this system now for our own work and others have been joining us. If you'd like to come aboard simply head over to the Lyme Bay Press website and buy your base then start ordering plates - you'll be so glad you did. Our commitment is to provide a lasting supply of this base, made from the highest quality materials and machined to the tightest tolerances for a precision finish - and to do so at the best price we can and make it accessible to all.

For newcomers to this craft, this is your ideal entrance into letterpress, a gentle introduction to make-ready with outstanding results. We're also commited to offering really solid support to for all our customers, so if you have difficulties getting started just call, mail or skype. We're right here.

Keep creating good impressions!

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