• Chase Base 1 Chase Base 1 The Chase Base - About to be packed
  • Chase Base 2 Chase Base 2 The Chase Base ready for shipping
  • Chase Base With Polymer Plate Chase Base With Polymer Plate Chase Base with polymer plate mounted
  • Chase Base With Polymer Plate Close Up Chase Base With Polymer Plate Close Up Chase Base with polymer plate mounted - zoom shot
  • Chase Base 3 Chase Base 3 Chase Base - Hot Off The Press?
  • Chase Base Close Up Chase Base Close Up Zoom Shot
  • Chase Base On The Press Close Up Chase Base On The Press Close Up Enough space on the bottom and left edges of the Chase Base to lay gauge pins on the platen.
  • Chase Base On The Press Chase Base On The Press The Chase Base is locked in the chase and ready to print - just need some ink on that plate!
  • Chase Base On The Press Ready To Print Chase Base On The Press Ready To Print The Chase Base is locked in the chase and ready to print.
  • Chase Base Locked In The Chase Chase Base Locked In The Chase Zoom Shot
£139 + vat (excluding delivery)

Technical Data

  • Material: Precision Ground Aluminium
    Size: Standard 280mm x 210mm (width x height)
    Finish: Matt Black High Contrast Anodise / White Grid

    Shallow Relief Base: 22.37 mm (depth)
    Deep Relief Base: 21.8mm (depth)

    Our standard size base allows room for the use of guage pins on many presses without fear of crashing into the base. If the base fills your chase you will not have room to place pins on the platen. If you have a chase smaller than 12' x 9' we can cut your base down for you.
  • Buy the standard depth base for .95 plates
    (Solution = 22.37mm base + .95mm plate = 23.32mm or 0.918 inch = type high)

    Buy the deep relief base for 1.52 plates
    (Solution = 21.8mm base + 1.52mm plate = 23.32mm or 0.918 inch = type high)

    Getting your press ready to run the Chase Base system is straight forward, follow the advice in our online manuals for trouble free setup.
  • Our bases can be used for other depths of plate but require an adjustment to your inking rollers and sufficient adjustment on your impression lever. See the Training Manuals for a clear guide. If in doubt - just mail us - we're always here to help!

    If you require a bigger or smaller base for different chase sizes, we can make your base to order as we regularly manufacture new batches. Email us your requirements and we'll let you know when we're able to provide your item, then we'll ask you for payment and your custom base will be with you in about two weeks.
  • Lyme Bay plates are processed in water, no harmful chemicals are involved and our plates are recyclable. We have an audited route for any who'd like the guarantee of their used plates being recycled in to other products and we'll publish our recycling achievments at each years end.

    Simply send us your old plates and we'll do the rest and you can tell your customers how green you are! Most of us are influenced in our purchases now by efforts of companies to protect the environment. Join our free scheme and put our stamp on your website and business stationery and tell your customers you care to.

The Chase Base

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  • No more long painful make ready sessions
    No more difficult registration or inking problems
    No more difficult to set up wood mounted Magnesium plates, usually spotted & which change shape through the print run
    No more destroying lead type which wears quickly trying to produce the popular deep impression everyone wants
    No more dreaming about solving these problems, now you can & speed up your job turnaround too
    The Chase Base was designed for you...
  • Transforming The Print Process

    Experienced printers & novices alike have found this system transforms their production process yielding,

    increased turnover...

    improved quality...

    consistent results...
  • Manufactured from high quality aluminium & ground flat by precision engineers, anodised matt black then laser etched, this is the ultimate photopolymer plate mounting system.

    The white relief exposes the details of the high contrast registration grid for a long lasting surface resistant to press chemicals, allowing easy plate mounting year after year. The 10mm grid is easily visible through all foil backed polymer plates allowing small adjustments after mounting for easy alignment. The hard anodise coating is durable & easy to keep clean.
  • Our plates come with a sticky mounting membrane already applied & specially designed to give high tack to the polymer plate side & low tack to the Chase Base side for easy repositioning & easy plate removal after printing.

    Simply replace the plastic carrier sheet on the sticky surface & store your plate in a ziplock bag to use again time after time. If the membrane gets dirty or spoiled, additional sheets can be purchased economically from our store.

Invest in the Chase Base today for easy plate set up with super fast make ready and crisp even inking. For more information about Press Make Ready check out our Training section for a complete guide.
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