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Chase Base Coupon

Lyme Bay Press offers a £10 coupon off our already fantastically priced Chase Base to further help encourage letterprinters printers, enthusiasts and new start up's to use this excellent printing system.

We're doing everything we can to move the letterpress revival forward and here's another great opportunity - it all helps! Simply like anyone of our webpages (either on this site or on where the 'like' button appears at the bottom and email us with your Facebook account name so we can see it - we'll then reply to your email asking you to add a comment (you choose the words) to the 'like' on your Facebook wall including the coupon number we'll give you and we'll give you £10 discount off the Chase Base! That's all there is to it.

Help us get the word out - do your bit to help the revival and we'll reward you for your trouble.

Terms & Conditions

  • Follow the guidelines above
  • Only one coupon is available per customer
  • Each coupon will only be issued to a unique Facebook account
  • The facebook account must belong to you
  • Facebook accounts must be at least six months old to qualify
  • 'Likes' for our webpages must remain on your Facebook account for at least a year

  • We do keep records and if this requirement is not met we reserve the right to possibly not offer further supplies and services in the future - otherwise we simply can't afford run this promotion so please work with us, it's in everybody's best intrests.

    Thank you - we do look forward to working with. Enjoy your printing!

    Like us for a £10
    *see conditions
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