Lyme Bay Press Own Label Inks

Coming soon our own range of inks in our own label tins, all the pantone colours available. Our ink is made by one of the most famous names in printing inks (though we’re not allowed to say who). The quality is the highest in printing and as usual excellent value for money.

These are not rubber based inks but in all other regards equal the Vanson rubber based giving great performance for letterpress. I recently had discussions with Vanson about the rubber based inks, pricing and distribution. It was interesting to discover that Vanson clearly see this product dying out, they actually said to me they’re not interested in promoting this product anymore and that it has a limited life now. So why bother with rubber based inks then? The only advantage anyway is they can stay overnight on the press but the ink still tacks and needs refreshing if you want good printing. Quality is always the key which is why we’ve always promoted Vanson however the prices are expensive. Now we’ve developed a range that equals the Vanson standard but which we can retail at a realistic price.

Satisfaction guaranteed with our inks. Pack sizes available at launch 0.5 kg tins prices vary according to ink colour. Available from our store around mid November.

New – The Chase Base 10 x 15

Introducing the latest addition to our product family The Chase Base 10 x 15 for presses with a 10 x 15 chase size or bigger. We’ve had plenty of requests for this base and we’ve been working towards it but now it’s here, the perfect base for ‘T’ Platens and Windmills etc.

Working with various full time and very experienced print shops has highlighted what’s really required for the letterpress community in the UK. In particular we’d like to thank our friend David Wood over at Berrington Press who pointed out the failing of some base systems with sizes that don’t quite work for the UK paper dimensions. So we didn’t just develop a new bigger base for the 10 x 15 chase but made sure (with David’s help) the measurements allow professional print shops to run and print SRA4. The SRA sizes are the untrimmed paper sizes which enable printers to print A4 plus trim / registration marks.

SRA4 Paper Size 320mm x 225mm

A4 Paper (Trimmed) Size 297mm x 210mm

New Chase Base Size 10 x 15 = 316mm x 220mm

This base is a snug fit in a 10 x 15 chase but it’s important if working with presses that have grippers etc to make sure your quoins are at the bottom of your chase – put your base at the top of the chase at all times to avoid press equipment crashing in to the base.

The new 10 x 15 Chase Base will be in stock ready to ship from the beginning of November 2012 priced at £154 + Vat.

Chase Base V3 Now Available

It is surprisingly problematic working with Aluminium but it’s worth the effort not least of all because it doesn’t rust and is approximately three times lighter than steel with obvious benefits in the workplace. So we’ve been making constant improvements where we can to our Chase Base System to tweak things as we go along.

The latest improvement is a more polished surface so the face of our bases are smoother than ever. This has various benefits, easier to keep clean, easier to remove plates and a clearer grid. In V3 we also have even whiter lines than ever for our high contrast grid. We believe we’ve reached the ultimate base system, with guaranteed accuracy and fantastic value.

Now in stock.

Custom Base Orders

Lyme Bay Press commenced a full time custom order service for The Chase Base in September. Orders can be placed anytime and will be made when the next new batch is being made. Batches are made regularly.

There’s no limit on size for custom bases and all bases do come with the same high contrast grid system as our standard Chase Base.

Adana 8 x 5 Small Press Chase Base Now Stocked

Adana 8 x 5 Small Press Chase Base For Polymer KF152 Plate Printing

The Adana 8 x 5 Small Press Chase Base Designed For Deep Impression Letterpress Using Photopolymer KF152 Plates Available Through Lyme Bay Press.

The Chase Base for Adana 8x 5’s and small presses is now stocked on the Lyme Bay Press website. The 8 x 5 base costs just £76 and measures 165mm x 88mm. It is the same high contrast black and white system as the standard Chase Base.

The Adana 8 x 5 Chase Base For Small Presses

New 8 x 5 Chase Base Launched Next Week!

Another new update to The Chase Base product line is the new 8 x 5 inch version designed for small press / Adana users. The 8 x 5 has identical specifications to the standard base including the new rear mounting holes; the only difference is the size.

The new 8 x 5 price will be revealed shortly – the product launch is next week, so watch this space.

Orders can be placed now in advance of the launch.

Order using the contact form at Lyme Bay Press 

The Chase Base V2 Now In Distribution

The Version 2 Of The High Contrast Chase Base

The New Version 2 Of The Standard High Contrast Chase Base For Polymer Plate Printing

The Chase Base version 2 has arrived and is in stock. The price is still £139 + Vat.

The Chase Base now includes to rear holes tapped to M6 so can be bolted into a protective box for storage or mounted in a rack for safe storage.

The registration grid now has thinner lines lines for enhanced accuracy.

The new anodise is super hard & jet black for high contrast on the press.

Buy The Chase Base