New 8 x 5 Chase Base Launched Next Week!

Another new update to The Chase Base product line is the new 8 x 5 inch version designed for small press / Adana users. The 8 x 5 has identical specifications to the standard base including the new rear mounting holes; the only difference is the size.

The new 8 x 5 price will be revealed shortly – the product launch is next week, so watch this space.

Orders can be placed now in advance of the launch.

Order using the contact form at Lyme Bay Press 

The Chase Base V2 Now In Distribution

The Version 2 Of The High Contrast Chase Base

The New Version 2 Of The Standard High Contrast Chase Base For Polymer Plate Printing

The Chase Base version 2 has arrived and is in stock. The price is still £139 + Vat.

The Chase Base now includes to rear holes tapped to M6 so can be bolted into a protective box for storage or mounted in a rack for safe storage.

The registration grid now has thinner lines lines for enhanced accuracy.

The new anodise is super hard & jet black for high contrast on the press.

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