Chase Base V2 Available From August

A version 2 Chase base is available from August onwards – this includes the following improvements:-

Super Hard Anodise

Tighter Line Grid

Rear Bolt Mounts For M6 Bolts For Storage

Full Details coming soon including the free upgrade for existing clients returning their base to us.

4 thoughts on “Chase Base V2 Available From August

  1. Hi, we were talking earlier on Facebook about letterpress and my problems with wooden blocks that are at the wrong height. You mentioned it’s a problem with roller height – can you explain more?

    • Andrew – I don’t know what height your blocks are but in theory you can compensate (within reason) by setting the rollers correctly. Ink rollers run on the rails of the press and by packing the rails with tape (a good masking tape works well but not too thickly) you can effectively raise your roller height from the type so your ink prints cleanly.

      Obviously if your block height is way too high or low then you’ll need to source a better block. The height to aim at is type high .918 inches or 23.32mm (if you’re into the new money) this is what presses are designed to use. Your blocks then need to equal .918 in (23.32mm) minus the height of whatever plate material you are using. That’s your starting point. I can help you overcome small variations but get as close as you can to type high (it’s what the press needs) it will avoid problems with impression.

  2. Great. Thanks for that advice. I did sand down a block and that did a lot to alleviate the inking up on the back of the block. I did try raising up the rollers as recommended by another letterpresser with tape or strips of cardboard but I found that a tad frustrating.

    It’s not ideal sanding down blocks as you tend to end up with a bowed effect on the base but it did help with the inking although I still get a pretty-poor printing impression even after adjustments. Not sure if its the ink which is very old or other factors. I need to do a course I think!

    Blind embossing is working well however!

    • Andrew,

      Sanding is the worst thing you can do – even with a sanding machine if you put uneven pressure on you will get an uneven surface and very difficult to guarantee the right height is achieved. This is what I mean when I say wood is not the way. When using traditional type you avoid these problems because type is the right height. If you go to The Chase Base official site and The Chase Base feature page look at the photo’s in the film strip you’ll see how we set a press up. We use heidelberg impression blankets cut down into strips to cover the print roller rails. Once secured you can pack these easily for added roller height using dense paper or thin card. With letterpress you simply have to get it right. Once your roller height is correct your type will ink nicely, it just takes a little patience.

      If you’re using polymer then your substrate is critical. Wood is always a problem but that does mean an investment in a base. There are some wooden blocks available in the uk but the height is for magnesium plates and may not be type height. This will only be a problem if you want to be able to use lead or wood type as well. If not then you could use this and adjust your press for it. Let me know if I can help.

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