Lyme Bay Press Own Label Inks

Coming soon our own range of inks in our own label tins, all the pantone colours available. Our ink is made by one of the most famous names in printing inks (though we’re not allowed to say who). The quality is the highest in printing and as usual excellent value for money.

These are not rubber based inks but in all other regards equal the Vanson rubber based giving great performance for letterpress. I recently had discussions with Vanson about the rubber based inks, pricing and distribution. It was interesting to discover that Vanson clearly see this product dying out, they actually said to me they’re not interested in promoting this product anymore and that it has a limited life now. So why bother with rubber based inks then? The only advantage anyway is they can stay overnight on the press but the ink still tacks and needs refreshing if you want good printing. Quality is always the key which is why we’ve always promoted Vanson however the prices are expensive. Now we’ve developed a range that equals the Vanson standard but which we can retail at a realistic price.

Satisfaction guaranteed with our inks. Pack sizes available at launch 0.5 kg tins prices vary according to ink colour. Available from our store around mid November.

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